File Your Own Taxes Online

File Your Own Taxes Online

File Your Own Taxes Online Like a Pro

Many of you have been told by CPA’s and other tax preparers, that you shouldn’t file your own taxes yourself. This is nonsense! I have many years of experience, and it’s not difficult, nor do you need an accounting degree either. When you’re filing your own tax return, we have your back.

Why pay a high fee to have someone prepare your tax return, or for that matter, buy an expensive software package at your local office supply store. If you’re like most taxpayers today, chances are  you’ll be filing a simple return using the standard deduction.

For those that have been using the services of a professional tax preparer, you know that a fee of $250.00 and up is common in most areas of the country. If you will be itemizing deductions, or maybe have a tax credit, that fee climbs considerably.

Top DIY Online tax filing is fast and 100% accurate

Compare those charges to our very low flat rate cost of $25.00, and it’s no wonder so many individuals do their taxes at our top online tax filing site. Back in the day when you had to file a paper return by hand, it required some research and a little knowledge of the tax code.

But today, that’s not the case. The DIY online tax filing sites are sophisticated and intuitive, and practically do the tax return for you. Many sites are owned by large corporations, and they think they can charge high fees, just because they can. This is why we decided to institute a low flat rate fee of $25.00, no matter how complicated the return.

Our current client base starts with teenagers filing their first tax return all the way up to senior citizens. As to the type of tax returns, it covers the whole spectrum literally. Many file using the new standard deduction while others file with itemized deductions. Many others have self-employed income, rental properties, and everything in between. The program is so easy to use that you can file your own taxes online just like a professional. You don’t need to be either.

Our $25.00 flat rate fee for any type of return

See how to file your own taxes onlineOur online tax filing software is kept current every time the IRS makes any changes. We designed the program so that it would be easy to learn how to file your own taxes by yourself. For those filing their first tax return you’ll agree. By using an interview style format, all you need to do is to answer a few questions. And the forms that are required for your type of return are ready.

Fill in the tax information that was sent to you such as W-2 and bank interest, etc., and the return is completed for you. It doesn’t get any easier than that.

Our new flat rate pricing of $25.00 takes away a lot of the confusion when you compare fees with the many online tax filing vendors. Just do a search for online tax filing and you’ll see tens of millions of results. You’ll also see the confusing pricing tiers for various types of tax returns.

You save a lot with our flat $25 fee

I reviewed one of the most popular vendors and the price for their self-employed type of return was $120.00 for the federal and $50.00 more for one state return…a total fee of $170.00. We’ll do that one and any other for a flat fee of $25.00, and it includes your federal and state return, and free e-filing. Sounds like a no-brainer choice!

Just to let you know, the program where you can file your own taxes online, is the same software that our bricks and mortar tax and accounting office uses. We and over 30,000 accounting firms across the country use it and consider it to be one of the best with the highest degree of accuracy.

No upsells here…just one low fee for federal and state

We have one main goal, and that is to make sure your experience with us is a pleasant one, and one where you can file your own taxes online securely. You won’t be plagued with up-sells either because of out flat rate $25.00 pricing. Many firms let you start for free, and then as more forms are needed, up goes your price.

No need to worry if you happen to need to file more than one state either. Any state that has an income tax, we can file it with your federal return. This is one of the ways we make it so easy to file your own taxes online.

Answer the simple interview questions, and every form and schedule that you need is ready. We also make doubly sure that you get every deduction and tax credit that you’re entitled to based on your filing status and financial situation. You don’t have to know taxes unless you really want to.

After your review, it’s time to e-file

Once you’ve reviewed your completed return, it’s ready to be e-filed free to the IRS and your state. If you have refunds coming, it’s best to use direct deposit to your checking or savings account. This will speed up the refunds, and you’ll have use of your hard-earned money quicker.

Print a copy of your returns for your tax file, and then our program will save all of your basic information for next year. That also includes any carry-over items to the following year that weren’t used.

If you’re still not convinced to file your own taxes online, we encourage you to give our program a try and see what it will do for you. What’s more, it won’t cost you anything either. Try it and if for whatever reason you don’t like it, just quit and logout. We firmly believe though, you’ll like it and will become a long time client.

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