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Do Taxes on Your Own

Doing Taxes on Your Own

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No Expensive Software to buy – No High CPA Fees – Low $25 Flat Fee 


How to file your own taxes fast and easy


None of us enjoys talking about taxation or preparing them…

They sure aren’t fun and we can always find something better to do. Unfortunately, if you have income, you have to file a tax return. But there is a way to make it much easier if you read on…

Dealing with it every year is a pain, but doing taxes on your own at EZ Online Taxes, you can file them easier!

We know how taxation can seem to be overwhelming and confusing. It makes you wonder too, if you’ve done them correctly, or maybe you forgot something. There are a lot of things that you could do wrong that might get you into trouble, and we make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

So, how do you file your taxes yourself and know that its correct?

There’s also a possibility that you might be paying more than you have to without even knowing it. In a case like that, the IRS isn’t going to tell you about it either.

If you take a return to a preparer, you’re more than likely paying a high fee for his services. If you go to one of the big guys on the internet like Turbotax or Block, you’re probably being overcharged there too.

Come with me and I’ll show you an easier and smarter way to file taxes on your own, and at a much lower cost.



The Smartest Way To File Your Taxes Yourself (Fast, Easy, And for a Flat Fee of $25)

EZ Online Taxes is a preparation firm that shows you how to file your own taxes for a low flat rate of $25. This is also an all inclusive fee too. You can file your federal return, state return, and e-file them both to the IRS and resident state.

Concerned how to file your own taxes?

Doing taxes on your own can seem a bit confusing, especially if this is the first time you’re doing it… you’re unsure of how things work. Just answer a few simple interview type questions and enter the information sent to you. We’ll take it from there.

You have nothing to worry about. EZ Online Taxes has you covered!

EZ Online Taxes is one of the most affordable preparation services and has been helping taxpayers get their biggest refunds for a number of years. Through one of our affiliated firms, 1040.com, all of our returns are processed. 1040.com is an IRS authorized tax filer and has filed millions of returns for many years. We do your return right, and you can do taxes on your own with confidence.  Plus, no surprises or any hidden fees.

With EZ Online Taxes, what you get is the BIGGEST REFUND possible based on your filing status and tax information.

What you stand to benefit when you file with EZ Online Taxes

  • File your taxes yourself from anywhere and on any device (laptop, desktop, tablet, or phone).
  • Receive the fastest refund.
  • The best easy income tax filing online filing
  • Unlimited chat and email support.
  • Your information is safe and well secured with high encryption.

100% Accuracy Guaranteed

See how to file your own taxesWe work diligently to ensure the accuracy of the calculations on every form prepared using the Service. If you are a registered user and you pay an IRS or state penalty and/or interest solely because of a calculation error on a form prepared using the Service, and not as a result of, among other things, failure to enter all required information accurately by you, your fee will be returned.

Guaranteed Easy to Use

Our software is guaranteed to be simple and easy to use. If you are a registered user of the Service, there is no charge until you are satisfied with the completed return and are ready to file. If you don’t find the Service to be simple and easy to use, you can discontinue use at any time prior to paying for the return, and we guarantee you will not be charged.

Guaranteed Maximum Refund

Our return walkthrough is designed to catch every break that you qualify for without drowning you in questions. You’ll get your maximum possible refund for your filing status or your money back.

How To Start Filing With EZ Online Taxes?

 EZ Online Taxes hassle-free process is as easy as 1,2,3.

Step 1

Create a FREE account or log in to get started if you have an account already.

Step 2

Type in your income and other information and you’ll be guided from start to finish to maximize your refund.

Step 3

Get notified once you file your own income taxes and the return has been accepted by the IRS and your resident state..


Doing taxes on your own at EZ Online Taxes is super easy!


How to file your own taxes fast and easy

We can show you how to file your own taxes for a flat fee of $25 and that includes your federal return, state return, and electronic tax filing too!
Maximum refund plus 100% accuracy guarantees – Everything you need to file your own taxes

Committed to giving you the right tools at the right price


Read what our clients say about us...


Barbara E.Barbara E.Gave me credits I qualified for...

Who has time to look up and understand all the new tax rules out there? The previous year, I filed my return through another online provider and had my refund increased because of a credit I qualified for that the program missed. Then I came to EZ Online Taxes and almost immediately, it said that I qualified for that credit. This is what I expect from a tax provider's software. Well done EZ Online Taxes.

Paul G.Paul G.Full service business return...

The full service was definitely worth it at Turbotax, or so I thought before I saw what it cost me. When I came to EZ Online Taxes, I got the same full service, but it only cost me $25. I saw their ad for the flat pricing but was a little hesitant as it was hard to believe. After I finished my business and rent schedules and then was ready to file and pay, it was $25. Wow, you guys weren't kidding and I'll be back.

Francine H.Francine H.Easy business taxes

This was my first year opening my business and filing my taxes literally gave me anxiety, but EZ Online Taxes walk-through allowed me to take my business into bit size amounts that were not as overwhelming as I thought filing would be. Would definitely recommend these people to any business owner for their business taxes or for their personal taxes.

EZ Online Taxes comes with a flat, one-time fee of just $25
No price upgrades here…With our amazing software program, you can file any type of return. Our system was built for very simple returns and for the very complex tax returns all for one flat pricing of $25. You can do taxes on your own and at your pace, for a most satisfying stress-free experience.


How to file your own taxes fast and easy