File Taxes for the First Time

File Taxes for the First Time

If You File Taxes for the First Time, These 3 Hacks Will Make You Look Like A Pro

If you’re a seasoned tax filer or if you’re filing taxes for the first time, maybe you still feel uneasy when you file your own taxes. You’re not alone. The tax laws today are so complicated, even some tax preparers can’t figure them out.

Sad to say, don’t look for any tax simplification any time soon. That’s about the last thing many lawmakers want — it wouldn’t please lobbyists who have their own agenda. So, what choices are available to you?

The first, and the easiest, is to take your tax records to a professional tax preparer. If you’re looking for one who you feel is surely competent, you’d see a CPA or an Enrolled Agent. When you get their bill for services rendered, WOW! Sticker shock.

If your tax preparer makes an error, or even omits a piece of information that should have been entered on your return, you, the taxpayer, are ultimately liable. The IRS comes to you first to resolve the matter.

Should there be penalties and/or interest charged, you get the bill for that too. A reputable tax preparer, though, will offer to pay those charges if he/she was at fault.

Another option available for those who file taxes for the first time, is to file your taxes at an online tax filing service. This option can also seem a bit overwhelming at first. There are many of these sites, and all with different and confusing pricing structures.

Many of them advertise free tax filing, when in fact only the federal return may qualify. The small print says “State return extra”. Click that link and you’ll see prices from $19.95 to $39.95.

EZ Online Taxes has your back with our online tax filing service

We put a stop to all this confusing and very expensive pricing structures at our online tax filing service. We saw how unfair this was to our many clients who were filing taxes online. We decided to put in a flat rate fee of $25 that includes your federal return, state return, and also electronic filing. No freebies…just one low flat rate for everyone.

That same low price covers any type of personal return from a simple tax return to a very complex one. A lot of the sites that advertise free federal returns charge more than our $25 rate just for the extra charge on the state return.

You can also buy a software package from one of the office supply stores. If you file taxes for the first time, you may discover a couple of major drawbacks. The first is that the software costs more than our $25 flat rate fee.

The other one is support. If you run into a problem or have questions, you’re out of luck with the home software package. You’re basically on your own. With our online tax filing service, you’ll find e-mail and live chat support by USA based and trained personnel.

Learn how to file taxes on your own with confidence

Narrowing done your options is easy. Taking your return to a professional tax preparer will cost you $200 or more for a simple tax return. Add to that itemized deductions and a Schedule C for a side gig, and the fee is $450 and up.

It appears that our $25 flat rate is an obvious choice, and one that won’t cost you an arm and a leg when you see how to file taxes on your own either. Besides the best price, our option offers a lot more.

We have three basic guarantees in place. Firstly, there is the guaranteed accuracy, then easy to use, and a guarantee for the largest refund based on your then financial information submitted. Our program wins hands down.

How to file your own taxes just like a pro

Regardless of which option you choose, it’s very important to get everything well organized before you start. If you know how to file your taxes, doing taxes yourself is very easy. Start by having a copy of your tax return from the previous year to use as a guideline.

Compare the tax information that you received and compare it with the tax return. Most people have similar tax returns from year to year unless there was a life style change. You will be able to see that nothing is missed doing it this way.

The new standard deduction that was increased by the terms of the Cares Act, eliminated some of the itemized deduction categories. Because of that, many filers are now using the standard deduction. However, don’t just assume you can’t itemize.

You may have large amounts in medical, taxes, mortgage interest, and also charitable contributions that may allow you to itemize deductions and probably get a larger refund. Enter all of your deductions in the program & let it work the numbers to give you the best way to file your taxes.

If you file taxes for the first time, or are a seasoned veteran, we hope that you have decided to choose us to do your own taxes. Our program offers the same features that the big guys have, and at a much lower price. You can try it free with no obligation by clicking this link.

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  1. Charles H. says:

    You guys were spot on about filing taxes for the first time by yourself. Granted, I didn’t have a very complicated return, but at one of the large firms, they wanted to charge me $110 for a federal and a state return. Instead of getting ripped off, I saw your site and it only cost me $25, and my return was easy to do. I wish I had come to you years ago. Many thanks.

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