Do Your Taxes Online

Do Your Taxes Online

Here’s How To Do Your Taxes Online Like A Professional

We’re pleased to introduce EZ Online Taxes to you. We organized it to provide a service where DIY filers could do your own income tax at a low price. We teamed up with an established national online software filing firm,, to provide this important service for you. Plus, you can file your own taxes from the comfort of your home.

We’re a wholly owned subsidiary of the HBS Financial Group, Ltd. Our parent company is an accounting and taxation practice who has been in business for over 30 years. We prepared returns by hand at the beginning because there weren’t computers and software to do them.

So, we know how to do taxes online very well. At the HBS Financial Group, Ltd., we prepare taxes for our many long-time clients in 14 states across the country.

No pricing tiers to confuse you

How many times did you search for an online tax provider, only to be presented with a very confusing array of different pricing tiers? Many advertise FREE tax filing, but that’s not always true. So many just can’t qualify for the alleged free filing.

Look at the small print and you’ll see the words “state return extra”. Most of those state returns cost you anywhere from $19.95 to $39.95. Not exactly free is it? We especially like our simple step by step interview system so we can get all of your information we need to do your taxes online accurately, and for the biggest possible refund you are eligible for.

What’s more, you don’t have to waste time and especially your money on a program that was designed to upsell. Add a form and it costs you more…not at EZ Online Taxes! Got a simple return, it cost you $25 – got a complex return, it cost you $25. Also no extra charge for the state return, it’s included. And so is e filing. We give you everything you need to file your return.

First time doing your own taxes online?

No matter if this is your first time doing your taxes online or you’re a seasoned veteran, our program was designed just for you. All you need to do is answer the simple questions using the information you have from your documents, and we’ll handle all the math and forms you need. 100% accuracy guarantee.

No expensive upsells either when you do your taxes online

No more wasting time and hard earned money deciding which of the big guy’s expensive pricing tiers is the one you need. With EZ Online Taxes, you only need to create an account and begin your return. We’ll ask the right questions that will result in your getting all deductions and credits you deserve for your financial situation.

At EZ Online Taxes, we try harder

Do your taxes online and save Do your own income tax at EZ Online Taxes We all know how the current taxation code is so convoluted and lengthy. As a matter of fact, many accountants and tax preparers are just as confused as anyone else with it. The average American taxpayer simply doesn’t understand tax law, nor can they be expected to.

That’s why we take care of that for you… so you won’t have to. Our programmers and CPA’s work very hard to be sure you can do your own income tax easy and quickly. We want you to be able to feel confident you’ll get all tax credits and deductions you’re eligible for.

You can do your taxes by yourself risk free

We invite you to give EZ Online Taxes a try with no obligation whatever. Don’t struggle with those other complicated tax programs and their outrageous prices. With EZ Online Taxes, you’ll be able to do your taxes online easier and faster for the biggest possible refund.

Do your own tax return with confidence with our guarantees helped to pioneer electronic tax filing way back in 1986. Over the past 10 years, they have processed in excess of 150 million returns with online filing and their professional program used by tens of thousands of accounting firms across the USA.

Do your own income tax online stress free

EZ Online Taxes was organized to provide you with a quick and very easy way to file your own tax return online. The questions that we ask you aren’t complicated, nor do we ask questions that don’t pertain to your type of financial situation. The big firms like to cater to rock stars, real estate magnates, and others like them.

If you’re a seasoned veteran in doing your own taxes online or maybe someone trying to learn how to file taxes for the first time, we’ll guide you every step of the way. You can rest easy too, we’ll get you every deduction and credit that you’re eligible for.

You won’t find any strange terminology in our program either, it’s all easy to understand. EZ Online Taxes takes care of all the forms that you need as well as the math, so you’ll be able to do your taxes online in a short period of time. In our opinion, we believe EZ Online Taxes is not only the easiest way to do your own income tax online, but the most economical because of our flat rate pricing of $25.

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