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About us – EZ Online Taxes

About usFiling taxes is never an easy process. In fact, it’s something that so many of us dread every year – and with this in mind, it may be worth considering how you could make your tax filing easier. We specialize in clients like you that want to file your taxes yourself.

This is something we know better than most, and as such, we made it our mission to change things. As such, EZ Online Taxes was born – a tool to help you with all of your online tax filing needs! After all, we’re firm believers that you shouldn’t have to slave away endlessly just to complete your tax return; we’re here to help!

About Us

Here at EZ Online Taxes, we want to make sure that our clients have the option to optimize their own tax filing needs – and that’s why we worked tirelessly, using our years of expertise and experience, to create finance solutions that will work for you!

EZ Online Taxes is a subsidiary of our parent company, the HBS Financial Group, LTD. We’re here with a single mission: helping you find the tools you need to make the most of your finances once more.

We believe that we have the best online tax filing. After all, you deserve the best solutions possible – and our tools will help you find these. So, don’t just rely on marketing, designed to sell you the most lucrative deal for commission purposes; take control of your finances once again!

Helping You Get On With More Important Things!

With the best online tax filing – it’s a necessity, but none of us want to be spending time on it. As such, our tool is here to help you get on with better, more enjoyable things; spend time with friends or family or take some time out for yourself, the option is yours! For a single, flat rate of $25, you can get your taxes out of the way almost effortlessly, so you can spend that extra time doing what you love most instead.

You Should Try Our Do-It-Yourself Solution

Our parent company and subsidiaries, including EZ online Taxes, have teamed up with 1040.com, a national tax software development firm. This affiliation has permitted us to provide innovative income tax filing service that makes it so much easier for you to do taxes on your own instead of relying on an expensive tax preparer.

Using this innovative online tax filing software, you can do taxes on your own at a very affordable flat rate. Of $25. We can handle any type of personal tax return – from the very simple to more complex. You no longer have to scan through to see what forms are being used to see what your filing fee is, like the other vendors.

The one flat rate fee includes your federal and state returns and electronic filing. The bottom line is, no matter what type of tax service you may need. We are there to help.

What Makes the EZ Tax “Do Taxes on Your Own“ Solution so Different?

There are many reasons why tax filers choose out team to help with your DIY tax requirements. We offer you a first-class team of support personnel, USA based and trained in USA taxes. There is no need for you to compromise on your tax solutions. Our team stands by to help you whenever you have a need.

We Feel that We Have the Best Software in the Market

To begin with, our tax solution at EZ Tax is the best and most affordable with our flat rate pricing. Teaming up with 1040.com allows us to offer you a program that takes the stress out of filing your taxes. Our program is always very easy to use and up to date with the US Tax Code, and you get the most bang for the buck.

Our Customer Service Team is Supportive and Friendly

Our intuitive program was developed to allow you to do taxes on your own without relying on support. However, we are fully aware that sometimes because of a blip or maybe a question that isn’t clear, help may be needed. We have friendly tax experts on hand, so don’t struggle needlessly. We are there to help.

Our Satisfied Clients Say It All

We can tell you with volumes of words, about our great program. But you don’t have to just take our word for it. Satisfied clients are what it’s all about. They will tell you how easy the program is to use and how support helped them when they needed it. So, again, why choose anyone but EZ Tax to help you to do taxes on your own?